Why Wheeler Builders?

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On our website, and others you may visit, you will always find mention of “Years of Experience.” Why is this so important?

As in any other industry, building codes, regulations and technology have evolved over the years. Because of our experience, in most situations, we have either seen it or built it before. When you hire a contractor, experience should always be a primary consideration. At Wheeler Builders, with over 75 years combined experience in residential and commercial construction, our expertise is second to none.

Our experience translates directly to quality and value for our customers. Only by providing high quality work have we earned our reputation which has sustained us over the years. Exactly like a surgeon or professional athlete, our years of practicing our trade has honed our skills to a level unmatchable by newcomers.

We intimately understand the construction process, and we will design your project in a way that will accomplish your goals in the most cost effective fashion. We design to streamline material costs, and our experience prevents costly setbacks caused by circumstances which would be unforeseen by the novice builder. The result is a level of quality our customers can be proud of, at a price they can afford.

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