Our approach is simple and straight-forward.

#1 Safety
We are committed to protecting the lives and life quality of our team and our customers. Starting with our team selection, we carefully screen candidates based on experience, integrity, and work ethic. Quality people produce quality work in a safe and efficient fashion. We also maintain a clean job site at all times. A clean job site not only prevents accidents, but makes our process more efficient. Unused tools and debris are kept out of the work space, where they will not pose tripping hazards, cover up minor details or inhibit the overall vision of the project. Our clients find that a clean work space helps them visualize what is happening better, allowing them to consider changes earlier in the process, before work must be undone, increasing the cost.
#2 Satisfy Our Customer
One thing that sets Wheeler Builders apart is our in-house interior design and design-build services. What ever type of work we do for you, the project will not be fully finished until you’ve added the personal touches to make it living space. Working closely with our customers and considering the aspects of their lifestyle from the beginning and throughout the process is how we ensure top satisfaction. We examine complex considerations such as traffic flow through the space and proper lighting, to little details like proper location of receptacles. Whether an outlet is two feet to the left or right rarely changes price, but can have a tremendous impact to the flexibility of your furniture arrangements. We have found it pays dividends in overall customer satisfaction to make these considerations on the front end
#3 Satisfy the Codes & Regulations
Building codes exist for a reason. They have changed over the years, and even recently. Through continuing education, we stay current with new code requirements. All of our work conforms to current building code standards, and we make certain to get the proper permits, where applicable. By maintaining a working relationship with local building officials, fire inspectors, and insurance providers, we know what they want, we ensure that your investment will conform to all code and insurance requirements.
Our initial meeting will be a fact finding mission. To make this meeting as productive as possible, we ask our clients to review the considerations at the bottom of our service pages. Please click on the category below which best describes your project. At the bottom of the page, click the button labelled “Points to Consider.” Of course you will have your own points of consideration as well, so please take a moment to write those down. This will help us design a project which is uniquely yours.
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